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Your Magical Life Begins Now

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You are a powerful being. Period.

There is an immense energy inside of you that wants to move, wants to be focused, and wants to be expressed through YOU. But, only if you let it move. And when you do, you can have the power to transform your relationships, career, money flow, and body — exactly how you want them to be. It all starts with you today, right now!

As your Personal Transformation Partner, I work with you to identify what may be holding you back from stepping into the life you desire. I offer private coaching and a host of online group sessions and workshops, all designed to give you the supportive space, healing tools, and nurturing guidance to reach a new level of true living.

What clients are saying

“I have been more happy as a result of my daily, sacred me-time, journaling, and heart centered meditation. I have eased into more happiness with greater awareness. I would absolutely yes recommend this work! I think if someone is ready to devote the time and attention to themselves deeply, there is a great opportunity for positive change and healing in this work. Thank you so much Michelle!”

Larissa Velez-Jackson

Choreographer – Brooklyn, NY

Our Journey Begins…



Download my audio recording “Realign Towards Your Dreams” and read through the blog

If you feel lit up by what you hear and read, let’s get the process going! If you find yourself saying, “no way, this isn’t possible, and I like my life exactly as it is,” then we’re not a good fit now. And, that is OK.


Join a Group course

Join one of my Online Group Courses

Meditate-Move-Heal is a powerful introduction to some of the transformational tools and quantum leaps that working with me can offer. You can join this course at anytime, and all are welcome! My other courses happen at different times throughout the year, and give you the opportunity to work on a specific topic with me, alongside a group of truly dedicated inviduals. Courses range from 90 minutes to 4 weeks in duration. 


Dive In

Dive in with personalized, in-depth one-on-one work with me

This option is best if you’re truly ready to commit to deep, transformational work. If you’ve had enough with being stuck and failing to attain the career success, relationships, health, body, and inner peace that are your birthright, this is your opportunity to change that story. Get started and fill out the application here!

What clients are saying

“I don’t know how Michelle does what she does, but it works. She can identify things that you want shifted, in a way you may not have been able to articulate. And, she does it with so much compassion that you really feel safe.”

Laura G.

Durham, NC

Our Transformation Sessions

I use all the tools I’ve acquired in my decades of researching movement, health, somatics, universal law, consciousness, and energy medicine to create work that is custom-designed to support the unique being that you are.

Getting to know my clients on a deep level allows me to find the tools to best serve them. I dedicate time, energy, and emotional support to uncovering what is unique about you, by asking thought-provoking questions and engaging in open and honest dialogue.

For example, we may spend an entire session talking through personal questions and challenges to uncover the root cause of an issue. I may also introduce movement, energy medicine tools, and strategic steps to support you best. Everything is done with love.

With the exception of some one-on-one work, all the work is done online via Zoom video conferencing. You are given concrete Action Steps, Resources, and Tools to support lasting change.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”

– Lao Tzu

What clients are saying

“Michelle is a guru and always amazes me with her insight, wisdom, and joy. I can feel her love even through the computer screen and trust her belief in me.”

Ann Duffy

Pre-School Teacher & Dance Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Are you ready for your transformation?

Transforming your life is not for the faint of heart. I know personally the journey required to help you manifest miracles in your life, and I am thrilled to invite transformation partners who…


You are committed to honestly examining your life, relationships, and work. You are willing to take a microscope to look at how you are an active agent and the sole creator of your reality.
You are ready to stop fighting your life and to experience more harmony, which happens when the body, mind and spirit are balanced. You welcome the journey of relinquishing control to take you to a new level of understanding.
To maximize our growth together, you will need to apply your insights and complete introspective take-home lessons. Life has its ups and downs, and your commitment, acceptance, and courage will make it easier to overcome the barriers that are holding you back.

You know that being in touch with questions and feedback is part of the journey to total empowerment, and that I am here to help you connect to your best potential. You understand that your personal growth is my top priority and embrace being open and vulnerable. Remember, this intense personal work leads to more fun!

Let’s Work Together

Apply to work with me one-on-one for deep transformation

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You have Successfully Subscribed!