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MBody Radiance


Clients come to Michelle when they are ready for big changes – to finally break through painful patterns and move towards self-empowerment, love, and deep personal transformation. Below are some success stories from clients. See what’s possible for your life – mind, body and spirit!

I don’t know how Michelle does what she does, but it works. In our work together, she has consistently been able to clearly identify things that I want to shift, in a way I haven’t quite been able to articulate for myself up to that point. And, she always does it with so much compassion that I really feel safe.

I never feel like she is trying to ‘fix’ me. Instead, she’s fully invested in supporting me to tap into the truest, fullest, most vibrant version of myself. Even when she challenges me (which is a lot!), she is able to do so without making me feel guilty or blamed, but rather supported to step forward into new ways of being with myself and in the world.

Laura G.

Durham, NC

Michelle’s process is fascinating to me! There was something about being able to witness Michelle in her power — connecting with her (and all of our) guides so fiercely, was incredibly inspiring to me. And, being in the hot seat to experience that kind of communication firsthand was truly transformative. I would highly recommend working with Michelle!!
Kayla Castellon

Miami, FL

Michelle helped me realize so many incredible things about myself and my life. She helped me realize that I’ve been living in my past, and that I can move on from the pain, live in the present, and be the best I can be for myself and my family! She has a truly been a lifesaver.
Tina Ohme

Leland, IL

I loved the Action Steps to practice on my own and all the video calls. The Resources for our Action Steps were really great and a generous touch to allow for deeper engagement with the work. I also got a great deal out of experiencing the work of others during the calls. It really helped me to see aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware needed attention. If someone is ready to devote the time and attention to themselves deeply, I absolutely recommend it. There is a great opportunity for positive change and healing in this work.
Larissa Velez-Jackson

Choreographer – Brooklyn, NY

Michelle is a guru and always amazes me with her insight, wisdom, and joy. I can feel her love even through the computer screen and trust her belief in me. I always recommend Michelle’s work! It creates a shift, even if I can’t quite explain to others how. It is an opportunity to go deeper and learn more about yourself, to start asking the right questions, to experience joy.

Ann Duffy

Pre-School Teacher & Dance Artist – Brooklyn, NY

I want to say thank you endlessly and deeply for your time and work with me over the last couple of years.  I went through some really hard things and I could not have come out as well-resourced without you and our work together!

Alex Z.

Dance Maker, Dancer, Health Through Movemnet – Brooklyn, NY

I have been in therapy off and on for years. I have always loved that space of reflection and support, but tend to talk myself in circles. The work I’ve done with Michelle has asked me to approach my longstanding questions in a different way–and I am finding movement. The first deep dive into the work gave me so much to be with, develop, and discover, at a moment when I was really struggling but also desperately ready to tune in to what I really want. The continued sessions have been the ongoing gift, and to be able to do that within a supportive community is such an amazing opportunity. I am so very grateful for Michelle’s wisdom, inspiring honesty, and the gatherings she has brought together.

Alison Bory


I am so very grateful for you and the work you do. I am finally taking myself seriously and confronting myself in new ways that I now see I have ignored in the past. I started a new job, put in my notice at my current job, and will be starting a yoga teacher training program in January! I joined a gym and am creating a new work with BIRDHOUSE. I am feeling a lot, and laughing from my deep belly. I cannot express my gratitude and excitement for this newly stirred energy and consciousness… you are so special and I am so so happy and humbled to know you. THANK YOU!!!

Bryn Hlava

I really like the group format and hearing other people’s narratives and struggles. It filled me with empathy and hope. It was a great group experience that I haven’t had in a loooong time. And both the online and group formats are interesting and practical in our busy lives. We could all be in the environment we choose to participate, and there’s lots of leeway to go at your own pace.
Jennifer Pollins

Founding Director of The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought – Northampton, MA

I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs after working with Michelle. My relationships with people in my life have deepened SO much. I have started to feel more connected to my intuition and the part of myself that is radiant and beautiful and has so much energy and love to give the world. I am realizing how exhausting it is to constantly be trying to control things and micromanage my life and put my energy in boxes. During the last week I have experienced more love and more depth INTO the feeling of love than I can ever remember experiencing. It is like dipping my toes into the power I have to offer this world and myself. Thank you Michelle!

Prairie M.L. Johnson

Sioux Falls, SD – medium.com

Michelle Boulé is a game changer—knowledgeable, professional, astutely observant. Her years of artistic practice inform her work as much as does her wide open heart, and create space for incredible shifts in perception and health. I’m so glad we crossed paths when we did!
Tori Amoscato

Owner, Lark Acupuncture + Wellness – Los Angeles, CA

This work is truly a remarkable gift. It feels like Michelle is able to cut through the static and noise of the busy body and mind and really locate what is needed to find balance and peace of mind. I wholly recommend it, whatever the issue may be.

Kayvon Pourazar

Dance Artist & Teacher – Brooklyn, NY

I loved the group calls! The focus of the group’s attention, watching people transform in front of my eyes and over time, and experiencing deep shifts in myself— is so special. Michelle’s work is a wonderful tool for accessing and healing the parts of oneself that are essential, that deeply inform a person’s life!
Joanne Hsieh

Acupuncturist & Artist – Brooklyn, NY

Before my work with Michelle began I was struggling with some big decisions. After the first week my priorities completely shifted and my intention became clear. As soon as my intention shifted to my heart, everything made sense and I could see the bigger picture. I also found connecting to my meditation practice is easier and this has made a really big difference to my self care experience. I need it more now than ever. Bless you Michelle Boulé and your beautiful work.

Therese Tierney
Cork, Ireland

After my session with Michelle, I felt reconnected to myself without so many fears and excess stress. Her work always reminds me that there are subtle energetic blockages we can’t always see, feel, or touch, yet when they are discovered we gain a greater perspective of ourselves and our lives that helps us to lead more vibrant lives. Thank you Michelle. You have a gift!

Marti Wolfson

Owner, MW Culinary Wellness – New York

I want to thank you so much for doing this. It is so precious that we can connect across the world like this! It was so heartwarming to be part of the group and the things that were brought up resonated deeply with me, the healing came about with the feeling that I was not alone in how I felt. Also I felt changed from within from the practice of tapping out my Cortices. Thank you for sharing this!
Sabrina Sng


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