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Let It Go, Let It Flow 2019

February 24, 2019

all-day -

Step into More Growth, Joy, and Love

Online Workshop & Healing Session

Purchase the Session Video Recording HERE!

Last year's beloved Online Group Session happened again. And now you have one more chance to purchase the session recording!

Join Michelle and a community of other people who are committed to stepping into more growth, joy, and love this year.

In this 90-minute session, Michelle guides you through some personal exercises and does a group healing session, using some of the most advanced tools in energy medicine, to make sure your vision for 2019 is clear and that you are ready with the next action steps to take to make that vision happen.

Hot Seat Option - In the live session, a few participants are chosen to be in the Hot Seat. Michelle does some one-on-one work with them in front of the group, because someone's personal experience often resonates deeply with everyone watching. Remember that everyone receives the benefits in group healing.
*And make sure to join the next group session live to get this opportunity!

Access to Video Recording is available for 1 month, which means no procrastinating! That's it. You deserve this. Now set aside 90 minutes as a commitment to yourself to step into your power.


Let Your Life Flow

Why "Let It Go"?

When you are able to let go, you create space for new information, people, experiences and abundance to flow into your life.

Why "Let It Flow"?

Because who doesn't like a rhyme!
But seriously, as a lifelong student and facilitator of movement in the lives of so many, flow is what gives you vitality, health, and clarity. It is the doorway through your resistance (which contains so much power by the way).

Flow is the pathway to your best self.

Join today, and invite a friend, family member or loved one!

There is power in community, one of our greatest teachers.
You'll connect with all who sign up, and inviting a special friend gives you someone to continue the process with after the session.

*Remember, the video recording will be available for 1 month after the live session. I want to make sure you don't procrastinate on this one. So sit down with the video now or schedule it into your calendar, with no excuses.

I receive so many elated emails from people who do my online courses via the video recordings, which is proof that the recordings are just as powerful as joining live. It's really all about your commitment.

When you commit, the universe commits back.

Surrender, Let Go, Flow!
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