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Personal Growth and Holistic Healthcare

Experience profound changes in your health and overall well-being using energy and consciousness-based medicine. Whether you want to relieve chronic pain or illness or connect more deeply to your vitality, creativity and a new level of radical wellness, BodyTalk and other energy healing modalities can help you get there.

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“This work is truly a remarkable gift”

It feels like Michelle is able to cut through the static and noise of the busy body and mind and really locate what is needed to find balance and peace of mind. I wholly recommend it, whatever the ailment may be.

-Kayvon Pourazar, Dance Artist and Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

“I am in a different and better place today because of you and BodyTalk”

Thank you very much, Michelle, for the session! You are a very skilled practitioner. I’m amazed at how much was covered and how it resonated with the ‘priorities’ in my life right now. I experienced a noticeable shift in the following days, with a lot of old programming being released. It’s true what they say, that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

-A. Gentile, Brooklyn, NY

“I'm definitely feeling a sense of peace and general lightness of being...”

Thanks so much for your healing touch. My session is processing quite well! Been hydrating, back pain is gone, shoulder pain is gone… YOU ROCK!

-Jevon Nicholson, Brooklyn, NY


Healing that Honors You

My job is to help you uncover your deepest wisdom and potential so you can live each day with meaning, gratitude and joy. Our bodies and minds know how to heal. We are wired to experience life in its fullness! I use BodyTalk and other energetic healing approaches to remind your body what it already knows and help it find what it is seeking.

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