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It is 100% possible to break through and heal the areas of your life that are holding you back–so you can feel deeply fulfilled in your work, relationships, finances, and body. The ability to change your life begins and ends with one very important thing: YOU! When you are committed to transforming your life, you can finally live the life you desire and receive the amazing gifts life has in store for you.

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“Michelle helped me realize so many incredible things about myself and my life. She helped me realize that I’ve been living in my past, and that I can move on from the pain, live in the present, and be the best I can be for myself and my family! She has a truly been a lifesaver.”

Tina Ohme – Leland, IL

About Michelle

Your Personal Transformation Partner

My job is to help you uncover your deepest wisdom and potential, so you can live each day with meaning, gratitude, and joy. We are hard-wired to experience life to the fullest!

I’ve studied movement and energy for nearly four decades as a dancer, energy medicine practitioner, coach, and artist. It’s through this passion that I have mastered a method to take a metaphorical microscope into looking at how you create your own reality.


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Here’s Another Freebie Because The Universe is ABUNDANT

Here’s Another Freebie Because The Universe is ABUNDANT

On March 17 this year when the U.S. was going into its first lockdown, I offered a free session called Meditate-Move-Heal to support people as we entered into a whole new way of living. Five months later Kyle Mullins posted this on the session page:   "I'm coming...

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There’s no way you can fail! Here’s why

There’s no way you can fail! Here’s why

If you’ve been following my Instagram, Facebook, webinars, and “What Up Wednesday’s!?” (every Wednesday at 11am EST🎉) you’ve heard me talk about how to get past those darn voices that keep saying YOU CAN’T. I'm going deeper here on WHY YOU CAN. Your subconscious...

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How You Can Use Trust, Not Fear, to Decide!

How You Can Use Trust, Not Fear, to Decide!

Did you see the announcement for my free webinar this Thursday “Ask for Excellence”? If you haven’t signed up yet --------> Sign up Now! Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the webinar - a lesson on TRUST! An easy way to get to the truth in decision-making is to...

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